Media Coverage

9 Sep 2008 produces click-to-buy videos for Oli


Oli, the Otto-owned fashion and decor brand, has initroduced videos to its website as part od the launch of its autumn/winter Fusion range.... more

14 Aug 2008

Fashion retailer Oli follows it's customers and focusses online

New Media Age

OTTO UK'S fashion retailer Oli has dropped catalogue sales and is moving more spend online to refelct its customer's habits.... more

1 Aug 2008

Oli creates click-to-buy videos to back Fusion designer launch

Retail Week

OLI plans to introduce editorial-style videos to its web site to promote three of its designer ranges this week.... more

24 Jul 2008

Intrusive ads increasingly driving people away from favourite sites

New Media Age

SOME 73% of web users have left favourite websites because of annoying ads, according to more

23 Jul 2008

Intrusive ads devalue online

Precision Marketing

The value of online advertising is in danger of being jeopardised as internet users are increasingly avoiding websites with intrusive ads... more

29 May 2008

Brands must capitalise on online video viewing

New Media Age

Jack Flanagan of ComScore's Analyst Speak (NMA 17.04.08) highlighted the growing popularity of online video viewing(now the third most popular online activity in the UK behind search and retail, just ahead of social networking)... more